X-MACHINE Stereo or Mono Channel Strip

X-MACHINE, analog feel multi purpose machine
useable on voice tracks, keyboards, masters, etc

Introducing X-Machine, the first one of the Pro Series, a new range of plug-ins for the Pulsar platform.
X-Machine is a multi purpose stereo channel strip, to equalize, compress, de-ess, expand, limit, SubBassBoost, etc...all your audio tracks.

   Thanks to the innovative design of X-Machine, both the tonal response and the dynamics of
  your drums parts, bass, guitars, keyboards, voices or even on your final mixes, can be
  dramatically enhanced or modified in a new way.
  This amazing module includes:
  Input stages, Compressor , Expander/Gate, Double +/- 24 dB Parametric EQs , Dual band +/- 24 dB Shelving EQs , Dual Band HPF and LPF , SubBass Booster , De-Esser , Output Limiter , Bit Size Modifier (6 to 32 Bits)

  All the above are within your reach on the same window, simultaneously.

  Download the demo version including a range of presets

X-MACHINE demo version

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  Input Stage: Basis Ratio 1/1 Input to main output with 2 level selector: Line (-12dB to +12dB) or Instrument input level
  Phase inverter between L and R channels
  Processing headroom Overload indicator
  2 (High Pass and Lo Pass) Filters continously variable (HPF: 20/1800 Hz and LPF 400/22K)
  2 Band Parametric Equalizer (40/1200 Hz and 600 Hz/24 KHz) +/- 24dB and variable Q
  2 Band Contour Shelving equalizer (33/400 Hz and 3.3/24 KHz) +/- 24dB
  1 Controllable Sub Bass Booster with SB level indicator
  1 Compressor stage (Vintage AnalogOpto Style Compressor) Externally keyable or keyable via input filter 
  1 Expander/Gate stage externally keyable or keyable via input filter
  1 Higly efficient De-Esser
  1 Bit Rate converter (ouputs 6 to 32 bits signal)
  1 Output limiter
  2 commutable (inputs/outputs) Vu-Meter
  Compressor stage routing (Input>Compressor>EQ>>>  or Input>EQ>Compressor>>>)
  Ext Key Listen buttons on Compressor and Expander/Gate 
  De-Essing Listen button controlling exactly the processed signal
  This unit could be used as one single channel (Left channel only) for mono applications, 
  using a DSP Economy circuit, de-activating the second channel  (and freeses DSP resources)
  High precision Digital display on EQ's and Filters
  Integrated MIDI functions on all controls
  Separate Output for Sub Bass Frequencies

  Two Inputs    (Stereo L+R)
  Two Outputs (Stereo L+R)
  MIDI In + Out
  Separate Output of SubBass System
  Two (L+R channels) External Key Inputs controlling the Compressor stage and/or the Expander/Gate stage

  Signal path, with all functions activated simultaneously:
  Input > 2 Stage Filter > Compressor > Param EQ > Shelving EQ > Expander/Gate > De-Esser > Bit Rate > Limiter > Output level 
  Input > 2 Stage Filter  > Param EQ > Shelving EQ > Compressor > Expander/Gate > De-Esser > Bit Rate > Limiter > Output level