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"Tape Echo Simulator"

Discover new sensations with "Tape Echo Sim"


Tape Echo Sim is molded on the same components as GAM or BAM with Vintage circuits.

As usual, it's use is very easy, and doesn't disturb the musician , with too much knobs and parameters.

With Tape Echo Sim, you can even get virtually any "old fashion tape echo" sounds, thanks to it's very special tone and innovative tone circuitry with controls widely inspired from real Tape Echo Systems.

Tape Echo Sim can also be used as an amazing FX PlugIn as insert on  any Creamware Mixer or FX to enhance your sample sounds or your synths.

All main controls of Tape Echo Sim are on the main panel

but, Tape Echo Sim integrates two more additional sub controls EQ modules

which can be hidden, in respect of your working space.


SimplyPlug your Bass, Guitar or synth and Play !!!

Try the playable demo


 Download Demoversion here


Three virtual "Tape Heads"
With "DISTANCE" controls on Heads 2 and 3

"SPEED" control changing the main delay, without changing the time ratio between the three heads, as only some vintage Tape echo systems can do.

Two Main Tone controls (Hi cut and Lo cut) acting on main tone and feedback.

Two series of four parametric EQs, one for the feedback control, and the other serie of 4, acting on the main tone.

Three Pan controls (one for each Tape Head)Three On/Off switches (one for each Tape Head)

Two "Distance controls" acting on Heads 2 and 3 delay time, .

A Re-Generation (or Feedback) control, helped by four parametric EQs, which redirect the equalized feddback signal to the tape heads.

A Tape Head Feedback selector, choosing the main feedback coming from Heads 1,2, or 3.

Fine Tune control adjusting precisely the virtual Tape speed.

Two Feedback circuits (Analog and Digital) creating this well knowned Analog Feedback Tone used by many Jamaican groups.Wow and Flutter controls, recreating the specific malfunctions of a dirty tape, capstan, or used machine which creates a large part of this Real Tape sound..

Not hungry in DSPs.

Dozens of useful presets (Scope 3 presets) 

A total MIDI control, able to drive remotely all controls  
***** NO LATENCY *****

This is a dedicated module for Creamware Pulsar or Scope. 

If you make the sound by yourself, 
take care to do not overload your plugins, 
This may cause unwanted "unmusical"distorsions.
Since the presets were made with a possibly different input than yours, then , 
please keep the input level (coming from the instrument ) between -14 and -4 dB.