Celmo Talk Box


Celmo Talk Box, analog style,  is an awesome new kind of  device : 

It's a compromise between a vocoder and an analog talkBox

we made it to be the easiest to use, and the most effective.
You only need to plug a microphone, and your guitar or your synth can speak.

You can simply play it on a MIDI keyboard, with the integrated pitch and noise generators.

And , thanks to the external instrument input,

you can immediately have your guitar or your synth speak, with an incredible articulation

....Demo available ....



Typical connection using a microphone (or voice track)


an external instrument as carrier (guitar or synth):



Typical connection using a microphone (or voice track)

without any external instrument

(using only the internal generator via MIDI in):

Celmo Talk Box Specifications

One "SPEECH" microphone input where you can either connect your mike , a line input coming from your mixer , or an audio sequencer track.This input detects the "articulation" of your voice and apply this articulation to the played instrument.

One INSTRUMENT input, where you can connect any instrument, like a guitar, a keyboard, or any sound generator.

One MIDI In / Out where you connect your Keyboard or your sequencer

One "SPEECH Level" controlling the Microphone level.

One "INSTRUMENT Level" controlling the level of the "Carrier" instrument, this one that you want to make to speak.

One "NOISE Level" Useful to create a "Throat" effect,. Can be used alone instead of an instrument to create a "whisper" effect.

One main "OUTPUT Level" controlling the output gain.

One "BRIGHT switch" enhancing the high frequencies of your voice.

One "RELEASE Switch" which adds more release time on the articulated sound. (Useful for Chords)

Two "Intruments inputs "selectors (Internal generator, or external input)

One "Fine Tune " pot, adjusting the pitch of the internal carrier generator (default: A=440)

The internal Osclillator/generator can be simply connected to any MIDI source via the MIDI Input of Celmo Talk Box.