SUPREME Analog Synth   (BlackLight Version)


The SUPREME, Analog style synth,  created with the benefits of the Pulsar Scope Technology, not only for the musician, but also for the SoundFX creator and the Sound Designer.
Like its' Analog Little brother BASSMAN III,  it can emulate many of the Classic Vintage synths. With an unlimited creative power, The SUPREME is "par excellence" the one which can boosts your music in a better way than many other instruments in the same category, thanks to the absolutely superb sounding quality and expressive Velocity Control acting on Loudness and Tone response.
As usual, you can create a "wide" musical space because it includes the famous SubBassBooster AND the incredible EchoreQ Space Generator,
useable separately, thanks to the stereo aux input.
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SUPREME Analog Synth   (Woody Version)
SUPREME Analog Synth

Three Analog Style oscillators with 5 basis Waveforms
(Sinus,Triangle, Saw Up, Saw Down and Square)
Separate Pitch modulation from Envelope 1 , 2 & LFO on Osc 1 & 2
Separate Pulse Width modulation from Envelope 1 , 2 & LFO on Osc 1, 2 & 3
Sync Mode between Osc 1 & 2
Two selectable VCF Filters ( 12dB and 24 dB) controlled by Envelope and LFO
Cross Modulation between osc 1.2 to Osc 3 creating easy controllable Ring Modulation Effects 
MIDI Bend and Pitch Wheel modulation on both oscillators
Five Legato/Portamento/Glissando keyboard modes
Totally controllable Velocity (sensitivity, response curve, reverse)
White Noise generator 
1 VCA Envelope (A-D-S-R) dynamically sensitive (adjustable)
1 VCF Envelope (A-D-S-R) dynamically sensitive (adjustable)
1 LFO Oscillator (Waveform selector: Sine-triangle-Square-Saw Up-Saw Down-Random) with Fade In control
***SubBass Boost (Very Lo Frequencies Booster)***
3 Band Presence Switch (Sound enhancer)
Chorus section (rate / depth)
***Space Generator EchoreQ (Tape reverb / delay emulator)***
EchoreQ circuitry can be de activated to release your DSP power
Mix -Mode (6 modes) - swell length - Color / Tone
Aux stereo inputs (Thru EchoreQ and subBass Boost)
Totally presettable and MIDI assignable
Self explanatory buttons

Included, a small folding handle for the transport....