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  Physiological Sub Bass Booster Pro forMastering 

The second one of a small family, dedicated to the Masters of Sound.

SubBassBooster Pro.

The Fantastic Bass and Sub Bass Enhancer system.

SubBassBooster Pro is a "musical" application dedicated to those which need a real Thump in the sound.

As usual, itís use is very easy, and doesnít disturb the musician , with too much knobs and parameters.

Give it a try 

SimplyPlugand Play !!!

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"INPUT" Input Volume and sensitivity Control
"DRIVE"Controlling the Physiological response and  Command signal (Default "Center" or 0 dB).

"DRIVE Fix/Physio" Enable or disable the Physiological Drive control potentiometer.
On "Physio" position, the BassBoost is "Dynamically Level Dependant" (Less  input level = More bass boost). 
On "Fix" position, the Bass Boost Drive level is factory set, and not input level dependant. (take care of unwanted Overloads)

"PHASE" Switch Input Phase Inverter Control (default "Off"). 
"SOLO"Switch Controls  SubBass only signal. 
"FREQUENCY" Adjusts the SubBassBooster Frequency Range (Default "100 Hz")
"PHASE I / PHASE II Switch" Adapts and change dramatically the resulting sound of the SubBassBooster response.Try "Phase I" or "Phase II" each time you change your settings. (Default "Phase II")
"SubBassBoost Control".  Controls the level of the New SubBass signal. (Default"Center")
"STAND BY / ACTIVE" Switch .  To compare the signal "processed" or "unprocessed"
"Dual INPUT Stereo Vu Meters" Displays the incoming stereo audio signal level.
'Dual OUTPUT Stereo Vu Meters "Displays the SubBassBooster processed Output  Stereo audio Signal level.
"DRIVE" Vu Meter. Displays the 
"Drive Control" signal level
"PEAK level indicators"located underneath each Audio Vu Meter) 
Displays  the peak values of the incoming and outgoing audio signal levels
"PEAK LEVEL Reset button"(located between the Audio Peak Meters)
2(Stereo L+R) Inputs
2 (Stereo L+R) Outputs
1 Sub Out Which delivers the Processed Sub Signal Only
SubBassBooster Pro Can also be used as insert on any Creamware mixer or device.
Scope 3  style presets 

SubBassBooster Pro
A fantastic 
Physiological Bass and Sub Bass  Dynamic Enhancer.

This is a dedicated module only for Creamware Pulsar or Scope. 

Try first to use the default values.