StarFleet EZ KB Mixer and Space Generator


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Starfleet EZ KB Mixer
An exciting Sound and Dimension.

Our new combination of a keyboard dedicated mixer with 
an extrapolation of the well knowned Stereo EchoreQ Space Generator

The mixer part contains
4 Stereo inputs
2 Mono inputs with Pan Pots
2 Aux inputs
(12 inputs total)

You can mix 4 stereo Synths (or 8 STS outputs)
and two Mono synths.

2 separate Aux FX sends on each input.
the first one going directly to the integrated Stereo EchoreQ
the second one is an "up to you" insert, and if you need to connect an external effect, you can do it with the external Aux Send/Return.
On each channel, a Mute button and a Solo button, with blinking LEDS when one solo or more are activated.
Master Insert on the Stereo Master (L+R). Here you can add Compressors, delays, EQ, FX, etc...

On the integrated Stereo Space Generator :
 FX/echo control - (6 mode)
Length/regeneration control
color control
X mode control
Note: If you dont need to use the integrated FX, you can de-activate the FX generator, to frees the DSP power.

A total MIDI control, able to drive remotely all the controls and program changes
***** NO LATENCY *****

This is a dedicated module for Creamware Pulsar or Scope.