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Celmo Sardine Can

Quick Start

Install a standard 9Volt battery ( type 6(L)F22 ) by removing the four screws on the bottom plate.

You can also use a 9-volt transformer if you choose... the jack for this is on the back of the unit.

After replacing the bottom plate, plug the guitar ( or other instrument ) into the GTR ( input ) jack on the right

side of the Sardine Can.

Connect a cable from the Amp ( output ) jack to the amplifier ( or your favorite effects ).

Set both the mini switches to the FLAT position.

As a starting point, set the yellow Compression & Output Volume knobs between the

2 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions


Press just the True Bypass to activate the Compressor only ( Red LED lit ).

Adjust the Compression level according to your personal taste and the required sensitivity.

Adjust the Output Volume according to the input sensitivity of your amplifier

( or effects ), or to balance the processed output signal with the unprocessed True Bypass level.

Note: The True Bypass mode passes an unprocessed signal directly from the input ( GTR jack ) to the

output ( AMP jack ) even without power!

Press the Rectifier foot switch ( Red & Green LEDs both lit ) to add Drive and Color to the compression.


The Rectifier section can not be activated separately. You must activate the Compressor in order to

utilize the Rectifier ( in fact, the Rectifier Color is added to the compressor )

There are also two 3-position mini switches on the Sardine Can:

• Input Filter with its Cut 1 / Cut 2 / Flat settings and

Rectifier Color with its Brown / Flat / Violet settings

When using both switches, the Flat settings ( of course ) add no additional coloration.

We encourage you to explore the endless tonal possibilities these little switches provide in combination with the Compressor and Rectifier!

And remember... the Sardine Can was designed to not only sound great on its own, it was designed to

compliment the killer tone you've been working to perfect using your own unique setup.

We've said enough... now let your guitar do the talking.

¡Bon musique!


Celmo Labs • BP 12 • 24230 Montcaret • France

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