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Celmo Goes Hardware

Celmo, the French company known for making fat-sounding vintage emulation plugins for Creamware's SCOPE platform has now created a totally unique Optical Compressor pedal for guitarists.

    Our goal was to make a REAL ANALOG hardware device for guitarists ( or, really, ANY instrumentalists ) who are looking for that special tool to refine their personal sound.

    We've done it by creating a totally new OPTICAL COMPRESSOR system with incredible sensitivity and response making any instrument sing with moooooooooore sustain .

    Further, you can use your SARDINE CAN as a PRE AMP / LINE DRIVER to add a 'soft crunch drive' to your input stage giving your amp that heavily sustained sound you can only get when you push your amp to '11' and you can colorize your sound as if you were switching between different loudspeakers while a state - of-the-art lo-cut filter acts as a global tone filter to radically change your sound or to just remove any unwanted low end.

    If the SARDINE CAN is placed first in your pedal line-up, it's very high impedence input stage captures and faithfully reproduces all of the spectral and dynamic subtleties of your performance.

    In this picture, you can see the SARDINE CAN with all six controls: • Two foot switches, with two red and green LEDs, activating the Main ByPass (true By Pass) indicated by a red LED, and the RECTIFIER  Switch, activating the Emulation electronics (Green LED), • Two Yellow rotating controls, controlling "INPUT COMPRESSION" (left yellow pot), and Output volume (right yellow pot). • Two tone toggle switches:.

    The left toggle switch is a Hi Pass, or Lo Cut filter. You can use it to adapt the bass level of your instrument, or it can be also useful to emulate some old cheezy guitars.

     The right toggle switch is the COLOR Switch, with a "Flat" (center position), "Brown Sound" (down position) and "Violet (Cheezy... up postion).

   This control is actvated by the Green Pedal switch,which also adds a "Soft Crunch"to your tone (like the kind generated by the early guitar amps).

    In the middle of the SARDINE CAN pedal,  we added a heavy-duty bumper to protect the manual controls from your incredibly crazy feet!

    Hand-crafted and ruggedly built in a specialized factory in FRANCE ( each unit is individually tested and numbered ), the SARDINE CAN is designed to compliment and enhance your existing line-up of favorite pedals.

    The total consumption of the SARDINE CAN is less than 4 milliamps, with the two Crystal LEDs glowing, allowing a verrryyy looooonnng time between battery changes and, of course, we’ve included a jack so you can connect SardineCan to a standard 9v power supply while you are in the studio.

SardineCan Quick Start (US)

SardineCan Quick Start (French)

SardineCan User Manual preview (french)