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Celmo Sardine Can

One of the kind.

"The Sardine Can Compressor is totally different from the others. No huge distorsion or flashy effect. it pampers and treats the guitar signal before any other treatement unit. Because of its original conception, due to Celmar Engel a.k.a. Celmo, it is an exceptional tool improving the sustain, embellishing the grain texture when bringing color with wise presets."

Patrick Dietsch

The test

The pedal, made of sturdy brushed metal gives a good stability of the floor.

A well thought curved handle is a judicious bumper. The  simple and clear dashboard comes in two parts: the compressor & the rectifier. The left yellow knob controls the compression gain input when the right one is for the output volume to (thru) the amplifier. As soon as it is plugged, you (I) depress the True Bypass switch and right away  you (I) feel the compression. The effect of guitar sustain is there on the spot. The more you turn the gain knob, the more the notes stretch out, totally pure and homogenious. The octo-compressor, magically preset, with a great sensibility, brings the best out of the attack and the sound decay because of well thought parameters.

Just perfect! A sustain like you wish  with just one knob!. A mini switch for Input filter with three sets allows you to correct some preset frequencies. By eliminating some frequencies, it totally changes the texture restitution done by the guitar mikes. The simple coils become bolder like humbuckers and vise-versa.  The Color Rectifier is the second best asset for this pedal. Just imagine a 50 watts tube combo "snoring" at half volume with the little sound grain, slightly saturated, called Crunch. Something electric guitar players love!

Subtil and a wee bit "dirty", this dash of of crunch brought by the Sardine Can, reminds with incredible realism the crunch you get from an amp at its best.

In extra, a mini switch with three refined sets (Violet, Flat & Brown), allows you a more precise color.

Enhancing at every step

The Sardine Can is a powerful booster and a tone enhancer. it works the sound a way that any effect you are working with is "automatically" getting up. Any distorsion pedal plugged next to (after ?) (before) the Sardine Can will bring a more cheerful saturation, boosted with resonances and a obvious sustain.

There are plenty of uses for this pedal. For high quality studio recordings, it should be a must. If by any chance, a day you have your guitar but no amp and you have to use the home PA system (sono), you will get a more than honorable sound. An transistor amplifier will sound like a tube one. And if you have a tube amp, the upmost sound is for you.

This analog processor is one of its kind. A creation of  talentful Celmar Engel (a.k.a. Celmo) has totally  hand made wiring and is totally made in France.

Celmo Sardine Can


Effects: compressor & Rectifier

Controls: gain, volume, Input Filter with 3 sets, Color Rectifier with 3 sets

Power: 9V battery or 9V adapter


We like

The original concept.

A "magic" box with numerous ways to enhance the sound.

Blameless look, finish & fabrication.

We regret

The unique concept means there is no challenger to be compared with.



Translation of  Magazine Guitarist & Bass page 56.

January/February 2008 issue.  


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