...****** CELMO BLUE WAVE *****

One of the best synths ever made on Pulsar/Scope

Incredibly expressive and musical....

You must try the presets


. Simply Plug your synth , load the presets and Play !!!



Was made to be a musical instrument, playable by a keyboardist without any effort.

To obtain this threshold of quality, we've made it in two respective parts:

1) EZ Panel

2) Editor Panel.

On this "EZ PANEL" You'll find the "Essential" controls, which can adjust some main parameters

around the preset you recalled in the FactoryPrests Bank fullfilled with more than 200 presets (Bass, Pads, Soloist, Ambiances, FX,....)

But , if you need to change, or transform dramatically this preset, or if you need to create your own presets from scratch,

you can use the "EDIT PANEL", which contains all the controls of the synth.

 Download Demoversion here


The Celmo Blue Wave Synth is classified in the same family than others wave synths , as PPG Wave, or Prophet VS,

which are the references in this kind of wave synths family.

Their oscillators are founded on the same principle: Sweeping of a short waveform read in the computer memory.

Celmo Blue Wave uses the same principle with many improvements.

The main oscillator uses 64 basis waveforms, and each waveform cans be read in 64 subwaves.

Each subwave can be read "held" or "as is" or can be scanned in time and amplitude via the ADSR and LFO controls.

You can sweep the waveform at differents rates and levels, coming from 2 ADSR envelopes and one LFO,

each of them can be used as positive or negative controls.

The signal himself is passing thru a dual stage controlled filter (12db/oct or 24dB/oct),

which is also controlled by the same envelopes and LFO routings controls.

The main signal is controlled by a virtual VCA controlled by the first envelope ADSR.

Each ADSR envelope can be controlled (or not) by a velocity control.

n additional control can route the LFO signal to the main VCA, to obtain this famous

vibrato sound well knowned on many guitar amps, on Wurlitzer or Fender Electric pianos..

I widely used this effect on my own presets, but you can change it as you feel it.

An additional FX stage is added, with a delay system, and a wide chorus//vibrato system,

to add some spatial dimension to your sounds or your presets.

The Celmo Blue Wave synth was made as a modular synth, with separate modules, which are respectively,

from left to right:

1)- The Main Wave Oscillator

with Coarse and fine tune pitch controls,


ENV 1 (ADSR 1) and ENV2 (ADSR 2) controls, which acts on the Pitch himself.

By double clicking on these buttons, you can "reset" the pots at the "0" center value,

and these controls can be moved as "negative" (turn to the left"

or "positive" (turn to the right).

The LFO Mod control acts as a "LFO to Pitch" control level

2)-The Osc Waves Mod:

with two main controls selecting the waveform and the subwaveform

using the principle as described previously.

The ENV 1, ENV 2 and LFO mod uses the same function than the Pitch oscillator, but acts on the waveform, instead of the pitch.

3)- The Filter

Two selectable filters (2db/oct and 24dB/oct, a frequency control, resonance control,

and a "Tracking" button which controls the filter frequency depending of the keyboard follow.

The ENV1, ENV2 and LFO controls uses the same principle than the oscillators, and can be used to drive the Filters cutoff frequencies.

4)-Envelope 1 or ADSR 1:

Can be used as traditional envelope generators, but with an enhanced attack time.

.An additional "Velocity" control can varies the velocity coming from the played keyboard, from "null" (zero velocity) to maximum.

This velocity control acts on the ADSR levels, and are extremely sensitive, allowing a real feeling to the keyboard player.

The first envelope acts directly on the VCA, then to the Sound level. This is the main Volume envelope.

5)-Envelope 2 (or ADSR 2)

Same functions as the first envelope, but it can be used to modulate the Pitch, the waveform or the filter.

6)-LFO Generator:

can be used to modulate the Pitch, the Waveforms, or the main VCA.

This LFO can deliver six different Waveforms, indicated by a display, from sinus to Sample and Hold, and two controls acts

on the LFO waveform delay and Fade in Times, after one ore more keys are depessed..

LFO to VCA control, used to make the famous "Vibrato" effect or some Slice, or repeat effects, depending on the LFO Waveform.

7)- Main FX. Delay and Chorus generators.

8)-MAIN panel, with a Pitch bend control (+/- 0 to 24 half tone).

Portamento/glide control

legato On/Off button, which can be used to adapt your playing mode from legato "a-la-minimoog" to an attack mode ,

with a new attack on each key depressed.(available on solo or polyphonics modes)

On/Off delay control

On/Off Chorus control

Noise/Oscillators Balance control

Main volume control

8)-An additional panel

with a few controls, but extremely important.

A Selectable Button, changing the Keyboard mode, from Solo to Polyphonics.

You can use it as

" 1 voice" Solo and Portamento/legato sounds,

" 2 voices" or "DSP Economy "mode

" 5 voices" or polyphonic mode.

( This 5 voice mode is fixed to avoid some DSP disfunctions but could be changed on special request. but Not recommanded)

Anf , finally, three full coloured switches acting as "Presence" boosters on Three pre determined frequencies. LO (Red), MID (Green), and HI (Blue) presence.

These presence controls are extremely useful to change "on the fly" the main color of a sound.

And Last, You should load the Factory presets which can be very useful to find many Starting sounds, and develop your own tone colors.

All main controls of BLUE WAVE are on the main panel.

A special mention to DeFex for the design of the Knobs.

. SimplyPlug your synth , load the presets and Play !!!

Discover new sensations with "Celmo Blue Wave"

Try the playable demo

 Download Demoversion here


Hundreds of useful presets (Scope 3 presets) 

A total MIDI control, able to drive all controls remotely 
***** NO LATENCY *****

This is a dedicated module for Creamware Pulsar or Scope. 

If you make the sound by yourself, 
take care to do not overload the plugin, 
This may cause unwanted "unmusical"distorsions.
Since the presets were made with a possibly different input than yours, then , 
please keep the input level (coming from the instrument ) between -14 and -4 dB.

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