Guitar Amp Modeller

The "Tube Sound" Bass Amp Modeller

After the world wide successencountered with itís predecessor , GAM (Guitar Amp Modeller),
we are proud to announce the birth of a new member in the Creamware family :

Bass Amp Modeller.

The BAM is molded on the same components as GAM, with ďVintageĒcircuits.
But, instead of Guitars Cabinets Modeling (GCM), BAM is able to emulate basses and guitars Tube amplifiers, as well as BassCabinets and loudspeakers, with their proper responsive characteristics, which produces a musical sound, and not only HiFi and ultra flat curves.

As usual, itís use is very easy, as is GAM, and doesnít disturb the musician , with too much knobs and parameters.

With BAM, you can even get Bass and Guitar sounds, from the deepest to the brightest, thanks to itís very special tone and innovative tone circuitry with drive controls widely inspired from real tube amps.

In addition, the Bass Amp Modeller uses a special output limiter, which retains the unwanted digital overload distorsion, adding even more sustain to the instrument.

BAM can also be used as an amazing FX PlugIn as insert on  any Creamware Mixer or FX to enhance your sample sounds or your synths.

And, as GAM,BAM integrates basic FX, like Chorus, "Vintage" Tape Echo Unit, Compressor,Output Limiter, Drive / Distorsion control , Four Tone controls (Bass, Mid, Treble and Deep) and switchable British/Tweed Vibrato System.

SimplyPlug your Bass, Guitar or synth and Play !!!

Try the playable demo


 Download Demoversion here

This device combines: 
Hundred of hyper realistic Bass or Guitar Amps presets 
A fantastic Overdrive and Distorsion stage. 
An integrated "Old Timer" Tape echo simulator. 
Two vibrato modes (Tweed and British) acting on amplitude or phase shift. 
A Wide Stereo Chorus system. 
Three highly efficient tone controls  "a-la-tweed" 
plus a "Deep" control, adding sub fundamental frequencies
A "light speed" compressor. 
An Output Limiter,which retains the unwanted digital overload distorsion, adding evenmore sustain to the instrument.
Universal high sensitivity double input (useable as insert on Creamware mixers).
A total MIDI control, able to drive remotely all the controls and program changes 
***** NO LATENCY *****

This is a dedicated module for Creamware Pulsar or Scope. 

If you make the sound by yourself, 
take care to do not overload the two red signal Leds, 
This may cause unwanted "unmusical"distorsions.
Since the presets were made with a possibly different input than yours, then , 
please keep the input level (coming from the instrument ) between -14 and -4 dB.